Cisco Prime Infrastructure and IP SLA.

Well, I just want to create a little note for myself about CPI 2.2 and IP SLA feature.

• Monitoring of IP SLA is possible, but you have to add it manually and I’ve found this way is very complicated ans isn’t usable - Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.2 User Guide > Monitoring your network > Monitoring Third-Party Devices By Polling MIBs > Example: Monitoring IP SLA.

• “IP SLA provisioning” feature is not yet available in Prime Infrastructure. This is targeted for a yet to be named future release. Each subsequent PI release after 2.2 is targeted to get more of the feature LMS functionality into Prime Infrastructure with the intent of PI being the replacement for the outdated LMS software. Once this takes place, LMS will be retired. Expect this to take place over the next several release cycles for the PI software.

• In addition, I’ve found some publicly available thread: What are Prime Infrastructure’s IP SLA capabilities?.

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