APC Smart-UPS NMC - How to open a tech. support case.

• Download config.ini, data.txt, event.txt, debug.txt, dump.txt (if available, for example, in case of spontaneous restart) from NMC using FTP or SCP. Here is an example for FTP commands:

get config.ini
get data.txt
get event.txt
cd /dbg/
get debug.txt
get dump.txt

• Fill in the form http://www.apc.com/support/contact/ask_apc.cfm, attach an archive with collected debug info. Wait for an email confirmation with case number.
• If it’s an emergency or you need to escalate existed case, make a call to hotline - 800-555-2725 - http://www.apc.com/site/support/index.cfm/contact-information/.

Cisco ACS 5.X - How to configure it for APC UPS (NMC/NMC2) RADIUS Authentication.

If you’d like to use RADIUS server for APC NMC/NMC2 Authentication, you should know there are 4 user types available:
• Administrator
• Device
• Read-Only
• Network-Only

By default (without specific configuration on RADIUS server side) you will get Read-Only rights. There are two ways how to configure Cisco ACS 5.X to provide Administrator privilege:

Proper way

• Add APC VSA attributes to the dictionary:
– “System Administration” > “Configuration” > “Dictionaries” > “Protocols” > “RADIUS” > “RADIUS VSA” > “Create” > “Name: APC”, “Vendor ID: 318” > Submit.
– “System Administration” > “Configuration” > “Dictionaries” > “Protocols” > “RADIUS” > “RADIUS VSA” > “APC” > “Create” > “Attribute: APC-Service-Type”, “Vendor Attribute ID: 1”, “Attribute Type: Unsigned Integer 32” > “Submit”.
• Create an “Authorization Profile”: “Policy Elements” > “Authorization and Permissions” > “Network Access” > “Authorization Profiles” > “Create” > “Name: APC_Admin” > go to “RADIUS Attributes” tab, add “APC-Service-Type” as “Static” with value 1 (to get Administrator user privilege) > “Submit”.
• Use created “Authorization Profile” in “Access Policies”…

Simplest way

Instead of adding a new VSA attribute, you can use RADIUS IETF named “Service-Type” (ID: 6) and configure it to provide “Administrative” value (ID: 6). It will work the same way as previous one. Checked.

Useful links

How to configure RADIUS server to authenticate APC Network Enabled device? (Official KB FA156083 article)
How to configure FreeRADIUS for APC UPS Authentication (Official KB FA232648 article)

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