Opengear - How to change user/root password from CLI. [SOLVED]

Here is a real example - I got a SSH access to my remote terminal concentrator and wanted to change password for root user from CLI. It is possible to do according to the official recommendation, this method you can use for root or any other user.

Check the FW version (the latest one):

# cat /etc/version
OpenGear/CM41xx Version 3.15.2 0de50f6e --  Thu Apr 30 14:17:14 EST 2015

Get the current user configuration (there was only root user configured):

#  /bin/config --get=config.users 1
config.users.user1.description Root User 6
config.users.user1.password_nvflash on
config.users.user1.username root

Then change the password for the username root (user1) then run the configurator:

# /bin/config -s config.users.user1.plaintext_password=NEWPASSWORD
# /bin/config -r users


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