How to replace headlamp and add brake fluid in Ford Taurus 2005. [SOLVED]

On this weekend I was needed to replace a bulb for low beam in Ford Taurus 2005. I also got a minor problem with “Brake system warning light” indicated “Low brake fluid level”.

Replacing headlamp

1. Download 2005 Ford Taurus Owner’s Manuals > Owner Manual Printing 1 (pdf).
2. Make sure that it’s not a broken fuse (location of fuse box and scheme you can find in Owner’s Manual). Note that you have only one fuse for low and high beam and one single lamp has two separated glowers for low and high beam.
3. Find the model of headlamp: 9007 QL (Quantum Life) or 9007 LL (Long Life).
4. Buy one or two lamps in nearest store (Walmart sells “SYLVANIA 9007 Basic , Single Pack” for ~$10 or lower).
5. Prepare a screwdriver and spanner or some other tool for remove the bold.
6. Review the procedure on Youtube (example).
7. Replace the lamp.

Adding brake fluid

1. Buy break fluid (Motorcraft High Performance DOT 3 Motor Vehicle Brake Fluid) or any other DOT 3 brake fluid. DOT4 brake fluid has a higher boiling point than DOT3, so DOT4 is better. I don’t think it’s a good idea to mix them…
2. Add break fluid to “Brake fluid reservoir” to reach appropriate level.

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