Ubiquiti CPE - Traffic shaping via RADIUS.

Quick note about extremely desired feature - Traffic shaping via RADIUS on Ubiquiti airMAX firmware devices (APs or CPEs). A lot of people asked for this features for years.

RADIUS Dictionary - A forum thread started on 04-04-2011. The same day Ubiquiti employee registered this as a feature request and added into AirOS V Feature Requests as “RADIUS Dictionary with attributes such as bandwidth control, etc”.
Traffic shape with radius - Another forum thread started on 08-09-2012 where people were asking about the same feature.

If you read though the 1st thread you can see that Ubiquiti employee stated on 11-27-2017 the following:

We are determining which release this will go in, but it will be in 2018.

Today I looked through Ubiquiti Networks Community > airMAX > airMAX Updates Blog and found nothing related to RADIUS and bandwidth in changelogs, but it’s already April of 2019!

All you can do is to configure it manually as it’s mentioned here - airMAX - Traffic Shaping (Rate Limiting) for airMAX Radios.

Good luck!

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