Yet another major changes in Cisco Certifications - February 24, 2020

Quick note to see the difference between BEFORE and AFTER the change:

• Before the change: 1 exam, $325.
• After the change: 1 exam, $300.

• Before the change: 3 exams, $300 each = $900. You have to have CCNA for the same track OR any CCIE before you go for CCNP.
• After the change: 2 exams, $400 (core exam) + $300 (concentration exam) = $700. You can go straight for CCNP without CCNA.

• Before the change: $450 for written exams + $1600 or $1900 for lab exam = $2050 or $2350 if you booked mobile lab location.
• After the change: $400 (core exam that you should already have passed if you did CCNP) + $1600 (not sure here) = $2000 at least.

• Before the change: $450 (written) $1,600 (practical exam) = $2050.
• After the change: Not sure.

For those who hold CCNA(s) + CCNP(s) + CCIE(s) + CCDE, here are re-certification options to consider:
• Pass one CCIE lab exam to re-certify ALL.
• Pass any one expert-level certification exam (every 3 years) to re-certify CCDE and CCIE(s).
• Pass any two professional concentration exams to re-certify CCNA and CCNP(s).
• Pass any three professional concentration exams to re-certify CCNA and CCNP(s) and CCIE(s).
• There’re some other options via “Continuing Education”, but I’m not going to use it meaning I don’t care.

Useful materials:
Recertification Policy

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