pfSense - Default gateway issue after changing WAN IP address.

Again and again I hit this annoying issue with default gateway and changing WAN IP on pfSense 2.2.4. At a glance it looks like a bug, but it’s not - NO kidding! After changing WAN IP make sure you clean old default gateway(s) in “System” > “Routing” > “Gateways” tab.

pfSense - How to download a file from pfSense box. [SOLVED]

It’s pretty simple things, but I got stuck at my first attempt. I usually use WinSCP to upload/download files to/from UNIX like boxes, and I tried to use the same approach with pfSense and got failed during login process.

The solution is - You have to use root/pfsense instead of admin/pfsense. That’s it!

Cisco ASA - How to debug/troubleshoot safely.

Real quick and really short note.

• To see “Denies” being in CLI:

ter mon

conf t
 logging on
 logging monitor 4

• To check why the traffic is blocked - use packet-tracer.
• To capture the traffic - ASA: Using Packet Capture to troubleshoot ASA Firewall : Configuration and Scenario’s.

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