MikroTik CHR on Citrix XenCenter - 100% CPU utilization. How to fix XenCenter VM if it’s stuck (yellow).

This morning I got the same problem AGAIN. This is why I put it here…

MikroTik CHR 6.42.6 running on Citrix XenServer 7.2 (a cluster) suddenly became unreachable for remote management (SSH, Winbox, …), but was still pingable. I logged in to Citrix XenCenter and checked VM console and it was fine. Moreover, I was able to log in using RADIUS-authenticated user. I was not able to find what’s wrong with this VM other than CPU utilization was 100% flat.

I decided to reboot the VM. Normally, reboot process is really fast, but this time it took few minutes. Here is what I’ve see in the console:

[admin@MikroTik] > /system reboot
Reboot, yes? [y/N]:
system will reboot shortly

Stopping services...
failed to stop ipsec: std failure: timeout (13)
failed to stop ppp: std failure: timeout (13)
failed to stop dhcp: std failure: timeout (13)
failed to stop hotspot: std failure: timeout (13)

The process was too slow and I decided to power “Shut Down” the VM via XenCenter. Well, I tried and it went yellow and got stuck in that state. That means I was not able to stop or start the VM.

The solution for that issue is to log in to XenServer via SSHQ and restart the XenServer management toolstack (also known as xapi) by command as it’s listed here:

[root@localhost ~]# xe-toolstack-restart
Executing xe-toolstack-restart
[root@localhost ~]#

After that VM turned red (it was powered down), but it allowed me to power it on.

Good luck!

Yet another major changes in Cisco Certifications - February 24, 2020

Quick note to see the difference between BEFORE and AFTER the change:

• Before the change: 1 exam, $325.
• After the change: 1 exam, $300.

• Before the change: 3 exams, $300 each = $900. You have to have CCNA for the same track OR any CCIE before you go for CCNP.
• After the change: 2 exams, $400 (core exam) + $300 (concentration exam) = $700. You can go straight for CCNP without CCNA.

• Before the change: $450 for written exams + $1600 or $1900 for lab exam = $2050 or $2350 if you booked mobile lab location.
• After the change: $400 (core exam that you should already have passed if you did CCNP) + $1600 (not sure here) = $2000 at least.

• Before the change: $450 (written) $1,600 (practical exam) = $2050.
• After the change: Not sure.

For those who hold CCNA(s) + CCNP(s) + CCIE(s) + CCDE, here are re-certification options to consider:
• Pass one CCIE lab exam to re-certify ALL.
• Pass any one expert-level certification exam (every 3 years) to re-certify CCDE and CCIE(s).
• Pass any two professional concentration exams to re-certify CCNA and CCNP(s).
• Pass any three professional concentration exams to re-certify CCNA and CCNP(s) and CCIE(s).
• There’re some other options via “Continuing Education”, but I’m not going to use it meaning I don’t care.

Useful materials:
Recertification Policy

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